Thinking about all the fallout from the earthquake in Haiti I decided to send an email to my Haitian friend here -  and here's what transpired:
 Ketty, you may remember is a friend of mine who is also an artist and meeting her here in Hong Kong this time last year when she and her husband were transferred here, inspired me to do my series on Haiti. (I’ll now put them on the blog too – if I can)

She and her husband are from Haiti and she has some very interesting creative materials from there which she showed me. I have always had a fascination for the country so was delighted to learn more.  She went to Beijing coincidentally the same week last January that I did when my art was on display at the Fuxi Convention but couldn’t attend as it was further from Central Beijing than we had realized.  I knew she went away before Christmas but wasn't sure when she would be back -

Anyway here's the run of messages over just a 12 or 14 hour period... 

-----Original Message-----
Jan 13th 2010

Dear Ketty,

 I have been thinking of you all day - since hearing about the horrendous earthquake in Haiti. I do hope you and your loved ones are OK? ARe you in Hong Kong at the moment or where?  Is there anything I can do for you - don't hesitate to contact me. Even a coffee can be helpful sometimes...just to share things.

Take care and much love

She was obviously on line and replied within 5mins as follows:  

Thanks so much for your concern Vonnie.  I am devasted and still waiting to hear about relatives and friends.  I am in Washington DC and will certainly call you when  am in HK next week (if I  come back as planned).   
Much love


 So I promptly replied back:

OH Ketty – THANK YOU for your instant reply!
YES, I can imagine how dreadful it must be for you right now.
I will meditate for you tonight and ask others to do likewise – I have a group that does that starting in 15 mins for 30 mins each night. Again much love and my thoughts are with you and I look forward to meeting you when you return.

After sending the above I immediately texted  the meditators  into action. This morning (my time in Hong Kong) I received this back from Ketty in Washington:


This is much needed Vonnie; thanks a lot



So thank you to all the meditators too


PS: I’m also trying to think how to help further.

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