"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting..."  try waking up and finding your "life's Star" - as Wordsworth put it.


I don't know how to Meditate. I've read all about it. I don't think it's for me.

ONE -  OK - if you read all about being a violinist would that enable you to play a violin and would you benefit in the way the violinist does, do you think? RIGHT - same with meditation. Reading is not the way to experience or benefit from it. How could you explain to someone what the sound of a violin concerto is if they'd never heard a violin or even heard any music being played. Ditto re meditation - reading is just stuffing your cranium, that knowledge box on the top of your neck, with more information. But remember, it is only a knowledge box, it is not a doing thing. It will absorb the shape and style and much else about the violin but just reading all that and learning it will never have you playing it. Ditto again re meditation. You can read and know all about it but you can't experience it or enjoy and engage in the enormous joy and benefits from it in that way. You must listen if you want to hear music and you must tune in and do it if you want to experience and enjoy the benefits of meditation.

TWO - Anyone can meditate. It will take time. Just as most people can learn to swim if they try but they won't become really good at it and enjoy its benefits without practice - ditto again re meditation.

HOW TO START - You need to be introduced into this network via someone who is already linked in. They will be more than happy to tell you how they have progressed and the method we recommend. Because they will be confident of the success and power of the group meditating they will also have many tips to pass along. So follow their advice and next thing you will be able to start sharing your own experiences.

THIS WEBSITE - is only a back-up of information to explain something about The Field and to share the great body of experiences and activity that people encounter through linking with it. One of the things you will discover is the universality of individual experience is astounding.  You may think your story, your emotions, your grief, your struggles, your joy is peculiar to you but when you share such incidents you will find people all over the world will resonate with it and both you and the rest of the readers will grow exponentialy.