The worst bankrupt in the world is the person who has lost enthusiasm. H.W. Arnold 

The Power of Silence

We meditate in silence for 30mins a day. We set the time and link together from our respective homes. The power comes from knowing we are all linked.  Our only purpose is to empower you for whatever you aim to do. For when everyone is operating on full power great things can be achieved. So switch on all your lights!  
Anyone can do it. Anyone can benefit. Anyone can
join through an existing meditator. After a matter of weeks and sometimes days things start to change for you.
If nothing changes after three months I'd suggest you get someone to check to see if you are still alive!

Silent Meditation

We began when a friend had a serious upset with her mother. They lived in different countries and had fallen out over a problem with the grand-children. My friend had been stressed out over the situation for months because her mother was refusing to talk to her. The details are not necessary here but suffice to say I suggested we meditate for 30 mins in our respective homes one night and just send love to the mother for a few minutes and the rest of the 30 mins try to think of nothing at all. We set the date and time and completed our first session. The next morning my friend had an email from her mother opening the communication channels again. My friend had never done meditation before so she was more than well rewarded and enthusiastic so we continued. And, as we did, more and more people kept popping up by chance, (although I no longer believe in chance), with problems and worries and we suggested they link with us too and so we have a beautiful happening, experiment or whatever you might like to call it.

The beauty I found is that when people were asked to spare a good thought, just for a few minutes during their meditation, for some third person that had been linked in, but they didn't know, they always reported feeling better themselves after helping in this way...and then got a further boost when they learnt the person had benefited too. That is just one of the ways this helps to empower people. Additionally, when you begin to help yourself, marvellously you automatically help others because the energy about you changes and sheds light on everyone you encounter be they friends, family or passing strangers.