Some people walk in the rain - others just get wet.

Cluster Care - I am that I am

You/We are ONE and everywhere and nowhere. TO find us. and more, go back to the person who invited you to take a look. No-one is important here and everyone is important I am YOU and YOU am* I. Once you enter, you become a part but then when others cluster around as you bring them in you become pivotal to your friends but as they invite in others you become a part again and so it continues world without end...ENJOY being Everybody and Nobody or Nobody and Everybody.

* We have to use the 'am' not 'are' for the 2nd person, because this is how the message was transmitted by a mystic to emphasise the balance of the statement and place focus on the: I am ... Am I? and you becoming the first person I, while at the same time being the YOU.  - A tiny connundrum and a call to take you beyond the 3rd dimension to higher realms...where language has such a different role; and thought, which is of a higher frequency, replaces it...and so communication with people from all nationalities is instantaneous and entirely free from language barriers.



I am you and you am I
and we are both immortal
and one with the
Highest Being,
one in the breath
of the Great World Soul.
We are one with the stone
and the tree, the earth and
the sea, one with the plants
and the animals, birds and
the bees  - Always one with
the rhythmic music of the
Great Cosmic Heart.

Then he kept silent 
and in the great calm that ensued a hymn of rejoicefulness vibrated and a glorious light filled my soul.

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The I AM - That is YOU!


A.B. See - as simple as A.B.C but you have to See! Aka Vonnie Boston.Last year I was made a recipient of the Earth Champions Award for what was thought a novel view that Man must change before we will see any progress in cleaning up the Earth and that the creative arts point the way forward - check it out if you wish:
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Publications - How about that...  When East meets West  

Olympic Forces - I was invited to create an artistic portrayal of the impetus and force that lies beneath the ancient Oriental values going back to mythological times and which came to fruition in a fusion of the best of East and West at the Beijing Olympics. The work was created before the event and was respected for its insights of powerful and ageold messages and wisdom which accompanied the art and have been compiled into a booklet: How about that...  When East meets West    Look for it on: