The Zero Point Field
Where there is nothing there is everything. When you arrive at that space which has been described by every religion, exprienced particularly by the mystics and also found through meditation or creativity, and sometimes chanced on by sportsmen at their peak when they hit, what they now term, the zone, you find everything holds a quality of perfection, bliss, stillness.

It has been described in as many ways as there have been experiences of the sense - and the overall awareness is a linking of every single thing, of life in concert, of harmony that creates the rhythm of life. In that experience you become able to be at ONE with ALL. .. and in that space a healing, a rejuvenation, a confidence of being suffuses you. We work to bring people to a conscious awareness of the Field so they can benefit themselves and assist others to enjoy a richer, healthier and more dynamic life by experiencing their higher and inner powers. 
If you are looking for scientific explanations and general theory and studies done in this domain look for Lynne McTaggert's book - The Field. Also seek out the work inspired by the cosmanaut Edgar Mitchell. On experiencing the interconnectedness of all things while travelling through space this renowned aeronautical engineer knew he had to devote the rest of his lifetime to researching the experience and the subject and so he established The Institute of Noetics. Unbeknown to NASA he also conducted telepathy experiments while in space which proved successful well beyond chance.

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