Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius

    Contentment is Success.                                      
Portrait of a contented Soul


BENEFITS of Meditation

  Happiness Quotient (HQ) 
* Temperament improves
* Face relaxes through loss of tensions
* You look younger
* You enjoy life much more
* Old upsets fade away

  Mental clarity 
* Students report improved grades
* Clarity of thought 
* Confidence in action
* Memory lapses subside
* Emotional issues dissolve
* Stress reduction enables clear headed behaviour

People benefit in numerous ways from doing this silent meditation in groups. We are all a work in progress throughout our life span. But realise if you stop the work so much for progress!

Frequently new avenues and openings occur in life which resolve former worries. A key value is the calmness that begins to grow and ultimately prevails.

Such a change in temperament often is all that is required to cure an illness so physical troubles can vanish. That's especially so with any ills that derive from nervous tension and stress, such as:

                               * Relationship issues                         * Fears                           
                               * Work Stresses                                  * Traumas
                               * Anger                                                 * Depression
                               * Anxieties                                           * Grief
                               * Loneliness                                         * Confidence Crisis
                               * Sleeplessness                                  * Phobias
                               * Jealousy                                            * Aggression
                                                            * Family Upsets.

Relief from such issues is health giving in itself as the body freed from such tension is empowered to heal.

Furthermore removing the issues makes room for new growth and so opens up the path to Happiness, Creativity, Joy and Contentment. Those positive attributes materialise through new actions, friendships and awarenesses of the greater values and purpose of life.