Intuition - a higher form of knowing
          “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.”
                                                Jonas Salk

"There are more things in heaven and earth than you ever dreamed of, Horatio" ...

It may come via telepathy, or pre-cognition or some yet to be defined method - but throughout recorded time people have reported knowing things which later proved to be so. Their information just seemed to drop into their mind, or they suddenly do something out of character or going against reason which results in saving their life. For example they decide not to take a trip that has already been organised and later learn the train crashed. There are numerous such incidents for those who wish to investigate this subject.
Many people have had the experience of thinking about someone they haven't thought about for months and within a few minutes that person telephones them. Whether their thinking about the other person caused them to telephone them or vice versa no-one can tell but the more such things happen to you the more likely you will be able to conclude you are a good receiver or a good instigator or sometimes you are both.  Few people, however, consider ways of tapping into these powers and using them to improve their worlds...once you start empowering yourself in such a way you open up to greater happiness and life displays new dimensions. I could use glowing terms to attempt to convince you but I won't because the only way you can ever taste a food you have never tried is to eat it. ..and so with meditation you must do it if you are to see or enjoy the places it leads to.