Everybody can awaken powers in themselves that resonate throughout the universe and everyone can contact them. Start doing that and you will find links and connections spark into action and revitalise everything you do in a way that you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams.                       
                      GO FOR IT
And note the connection  here -  re in the nothing that white centre, there is everything and so - The First Post - is the Last Post. The start of the circle is the end of the circle. There is no beginning there is no end - world without end.

IT calls to you - because it is you, it welcomes you, it delights when you see it,
                    for it is YOU.


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            A.B. See

    A.B.See - I have that name because I believe what I'm doing in this sphere is as simple as A.B.C but you have to See!
    The information we are dealing with is only just beginning to be grasped by scientists. For much of the 20th century the Western mainstream has  scoffed and ridiculed the effects of powers that were difficult to quantify but which  nonetheless have been readily used in many cultures for centuries for healing, and engaging with the creative forces and intuitive faculties. The powers latent in man as Blavatsky called them.
    The intelligence that kicks in and tells a mother her boy has been
    shot in a war zone before the official word arrives.  Telepathy, synchronicity, precognition, energy healing, distance healing and much else has
    reached a tipping point and those who have always known it works are well pleased the scientists are beginning to explain it. Here, we just use it anyway, as knowing the force and power exists is all one needs to switch it on... how it works is incidental.  Most people don't know how electricity arrives in their house either but they all know where the switches are. Here we only want to help you find  the switches and see you turn them on and enjoy the benefits -

    why live in the dark?



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